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Black Sky


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In this book, Jason provides applicable and practical tools and methods regarding how one can reach a more expansive state of awareness. The book discloses spiritual secrets, the mysteries of creation and the Universe, and in-depth knowledge of supernatural phenomena received from the Divine underground organization known as The Light System. 


The information that exists within this book is broken up into two parts. Foundations and illusions. The foundations are meant to reveal the universe in its raw form.  Once the foundations are internalized, the illusions will become apparent. What will follow is a life in which you have complete control, a higher level of consciousness, and access to the formless realm, where all form is created.

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Energy is everything and everything is energy. It is the basis of the universe and creation as a whole. But how does it work? Is there a way to consciously guide its creation? In The Language of Energy, Jason Shurka provides insights on the energetic universe and how it works. Understanding the language of energy will replace hope and luck with power and direction of the world around you and the world within you. For anyone seeking a life of limitless possibilities, The Language of Energy has the ability to unlock unimaginable potential.

Imagine living in a world without time and space, without walls, without borders, without wars, without disease, without vaccines, without toxins, without drugs, and without doctors. A world of Love, brotherhood, and harmony. A world of happiness, wealth, eternal abundance and equality. A world without a false religion and a fake book of laws that controls us. A world in which we are the law itself. A world of justice. A world without false rabbis, false priests, or any other corrupt religious leaders. A world without corrupt lawyers, judges or politicians. It is doable. It has already happened and it will happen again!

- The Pyramid Code

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