Life Happens...

In 2011, a series of painful injuries began that would forever change my life. Between the years of 2011 and 2015, I had a series of painful injuries. I dislocated my shoulder twenty-three times, had to undergo three shoulder surgeries and almost lost my leg, and potentially my life, to a staph infection in my left leg. I am not sharing this story to be pitied, as there is greater hardship in the world. My intention is to show you how within every hardship, there is an opportunity. An opportunity to learn. An opportunity to improve. An opportunity to grow! This principle applies to every hardship, no matter how extreme or severe. I am grateful for the hardships I went through because they are what forced me into a state of self-reflection. They made me stop and think about my life. They made me ask myself, ‘why me?’. They were the catalyst to my growth and have played a big role in making me the person that I am today.

My numerous injuries had one thing in common. They all resulted in me being isolated for periods of time. Whether I was in a hospital bed or recovering at home, I had no choice but to be in solitude. They all forced me into a position of self-reflection and meditation. It took me time to realize, but the universe was screaming at me to wake up. To realize the Light and allow it to dissolve the darkness that lived within me. After twenty-three shoulder dislocations, three shoulder surgeries, and coming very close to having my leg amputated, I woke up. And so, my journey began…

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