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We have been taught that the mastery of manifestation is something that takes years to manifest. Fortunately, that idea is just another limiting belief that is not true! Instantaneous manifestation is not the work of a wizard, but simply the potential of a conscious being. Awareness is the first step in the beautiful path of accessing the Divine creator within each and every one of us. The following two formulas are broken down into 6 simple steps. In my experience, consciously following these steps has allowed me to access creative power within me that I once thought was impossible.


The I-AM formula is broken down into three components, otherwise known as S.I.P:

1. Subject of Focus

“I am not sad.” vs. “I am happy.”

2. Implication on Subject

“Please bless me with health.” vs. “Thank you for blessing me with health.”

3. Present Tense

“I will be financially stable.” vs. “I am financially stable.”

As you can see, the words “I AM” do not have to be a part of it. An I-AM statement is simply a statement that contains the three S.I.P components: a positive subject, a beneficial implication, and a statement situated in the present moment. For example, “I always figure it out”.


The I.B.V. formula is broken down into three components, otherwise known as Intent, Belief, and Visualization.

STEP 1: Consciously express your INTENT through the use of the I-AM formula. If you have an intention but don’t follow the I-AM formula to express it, your power to manifest will not be at its fullest potential.

STEP 2: Hold an undoubted BELIEF regarding the easy attainment of the reality which you intend to manifest. The more difficult you believe the reality of which you are speaking of to be attained, the longer it will take you to manifest that reality.

STEP 3: Hold a crystal clear and detailed VISUALIZATION of the realty which you intend to manifest. The clearer your visualization, the easier manifestation will become.


Much Love,

Jason 🙏🏽🌎💜

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