⭐️1,052,828 letters & symbols

⭐️864 pages

⭐️2 languages

⭐️43 chapters

⭐️5 pictures

⭐️6 colors (white, purple, red, green, black & silver)

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Today, January 31st 2021, marks the first time that pictures of “Rays of Light” are being shared publicly! “Rays of Light” is an 864-page book with over one million letters and symbols written by Ray (the author’s pseudo name) over the span of roughly four years between 2010 and 2014. The book is filled with spiritual insights, secrets of creation and the universe, in-depth knowledge regarding what many may consider to be “supernatural”, powerful codes, and even proof to back it all up. “Rays of Light” is a consolidation of countless meetings between Ray and other members of TLS along with in-depth experiences that he has had first-hand throughout his time working with TLS. The entire book was originally written by hand. Ray was given very special and high-vibrational water to drink throughout his hand-written documentations that helped him significantly raise his level of awareness to a state in which he could listen, speak, and write simultaneously at supernatural speeds. I am beyond grateful to have been given access to 250 out of the 864 pages, as they have significantly expanded my mind, taught me deep and valuable lessons, and catalyzed my ascension process.

“Rays of Light” has been stored away in a secure safe for the past few years waiting to be revealed to the world. Although TLS has encouraged Ray countless times to publish the book, Ray currently refuses to do so because it contains a considerable amount of personal information about him and those close to him including his wife and his family. Despite his hesitation and objection to publish the book, it was made clear to him by high-ranking members of TLS that the book will eventually be published for the masses to read.

“Rays of Light” is encrypted with a code that is known to very few. Ray is one of the few who has possession of the code. Without the code, one would simply read the book as a regular book with some incredible and unbelievable information and experiences. However, having possession of the code to the book gives access to a whole other level of information, and even proof, that is contained within it. From my understanding, the revelation of this book WITH the codes will create a world-wide revolution and significantly help us shift into a higher level of consciousness and awareness. Ray has agreed to publish “Rays of Light” under the condition that he is permitted to release it with the codes that unlock the true power that it holds, however, TLS has not permitted him to reveal the codes. Because of this, Ray simply prefers the book to be published after his death and for whatever reason, he thinks that task will eventually become my responsibility. Many people have asked me why Ray doesn’t just change the names in the book and publish it anonymously just like “The Pyramid Code” was published. Unfortunately, this is not a possibility because unlike “The Pyramid Code”, one of the conditions imposed by TLS regarding the publication of “Rays of Light” is that it must be published “as-is”. It’s either all, or nothing.

Although I may not agree with Ray's actions, I cannot judge him because I understand where he is coming from and truthfully, I am not sure what I would do in his situation since I’m not aware of everything that he has gone through. I would like to think that I would put the Greater Good before myself, but I could never really know what I would do unless I were in his shoes. Ray is a normal middle-aged man who is known for his cover instead of who he truly is. He has a wife and kids. He is financially comfortable. He has made a beautiful life for himself! For him to come out with all of this information and disclose his true identity would mean he would have to accept a major shift in his life and according to him, he is just not ready to do that at this point in his life. In my eyes, fear of what others think and a shift in an individual’s life are insignificant in comparison to the world and the Greater Good but the fact of the matter is that he feels otherwise and those things are significant to him. Although I don’t agree with his ways, I do respect him and his wishes.

Many people have approached me in complete confusion regarding the fact that Ray, a man who has reached such high spiritual places in life, still cares about low-vibrational realities such as the fear of being judged by others. From my experiences and conversations that I’ve had with many people over the past few months, I have found that many people have this idea that if an individual possesses “super-natural abilities”, then that individual must be a high-vibrational and spiritual buddha-like being of Light. This could not be further from the truth! On the contrary, there are many people with supernatural abilities who use their power for low-vibrational and evil acts. Although Ray possesses super-natural abilities and has had experiences that many of us cannot even begin to comprehend, let alone fathom, he is a normal human being who experiences fear, judgement and everything else under the sun just like every one of us! Although “Rays of Light” may not be released soon, I have been given permission to publish certain portions of information from the book which I have already began doing. Please be aware that “Rays of Light” was originally written in mostly Hebrew with only a few parts written in English, so many excerpts that I will bring into this book will simply be a translation from the original. Furthermore, the picture of the table of contents in English is NOT a part of the book! It is simply a translation of the Hebrew version of the table of contents.

I am grateful to have been given the privilege of sharing this information with all of you! May we continue heading in the right direction and manifest “Rays of Light” being published sooner rather than later!

Light, Peace & Love,

Jason Yosef Shurka

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