Modern-day science has indoctrinated us all to believe that technology is some sort of man-made machinery or equipment developed for the application of scientific knowledge. But is that all it really is? The issue with modern-day science is that it only focuses on what it can understand and measure… the physical realm (which is just a tiny fraction of the infinite and limitless big picture!). True technology is not just limited to the physical realm of understanding. True technology comes from a true understanding and awareness of both the physical and spiritual realms.

Our modern-day definition of technology has caused us to see structures like Pyramids as dead and inanimate structures built for physical functions, such as tombs. The collective level of awareness that we possess today on Earth has caused us to forget that structures like these are the epitome of technology. Every stone, every angle, every element, chosen for a specific purpose. The beings who built these structures had a very high understanding of how to connect the physical world and the spirit world.

It is time we start seeing these structures for what they truly are… technology in its highest and purest form! Technology that uses the laws of nature and the laws of creation to operate. Technology that doesn’t hurt humanity, but actually helps the human race progress both physically and spiritually. It is time we remember our own sacred history in order to take back the power that we gave away thousands of years ago!

It’s time to REMEMBER!

It’s time to UNITE!

It’s time to RISE!


Much Love,

Jason :)

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