The Energetic Pyramid of Food

What is food? Food is simply energy expressed in physical and edible form. Every food possesses a specific frequency. We inherit the frequency of our food and for this reason, what we eat… we become! As it says so elegantly in Rays of Light, “for every physical creation, there is a higher spiritual root”. With this in mind, we understand that food is a physical instrument that can be used to connect us to the Divine Light (Source energy).

The energetic pyramid of food is one that must be understood in order to learn how to use food as a tool to catalyze the ascension process. On the top of the energetic pyramid of food are creations which get their food and energy directly from the sun and the rain (plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and so on). The level below the top would be animals which are herbivores, the level below that would be carnivorous animals, and the level below that would be processed foods which are furthest from nature. Remember, although all of these creations and levels are connected to source, the Source energy (multiplicity of Divine sparks) in each becomes more and more diluted as we get further from the top of the pyramid!

Please note that food is not the end all be all. It is simply one of many tools which can be used to catalyze ascension. What I find to be very interesting is that even if you don’t use food as a tool for ascension, you will see that as you spiritually ascend, the food that you crave and desire will change! Why? Because we only eat what we are is resonance with!

No matter where your consumption of food exists on this pyramid, always remember that your state of being matters most. Do what YOU feel is best for you. Do what makes YOU feel GOOD! Honor your feelings and embrace exactly where you are in your process of ascension. Remember that even before the topic of food, feeling GOOD is of utmost importance to keep one in a high vibration!


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