Water... its beauty is beyond what words can express. We have so much to learn from this beautiful element. It is my favorite medium to watch energy flow through. It teaches us purity, adaptability, balance, and absolute permanence of all that IS, otherwise known as “being”. Just look at water during a storm. High winds come and create waves, making the water chaotic. After some time, the storm passes, the winds calm down, and so does the water. What happened in this scenario is that the water allowed for the chaotic energy to flow through it and create what we call waves. However, eventually when that chaotic energy completes its cycle of flowing through the water, the water always returns right back to its pure state of stillness and “wavelessness”.

Water allows energy to flow through it with no judgement, no resistance. No matter how powerful the storm may be, it always returns back to stillness. Applying the qualities that water teaches us to our own lives allows for life to flow seamlessly. Just like water, we should take the path of least resistance while learning and acknowledging every lesson along the way with pure acceptance. In other words, we should acknowledge and learn from what it is that we are doing or what it is that is being done to us while always remaining in a pure state of being. Ultimately, water teaches us how to let our state of doing pass right through us with no resistance or judgement while still acknowledging and learning from it in order to be in touch with our stillness that exists internally, in the pure state of being.

With Infinite Blessings & Love,

Jason :)

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