The Significance of the Body

Practically speaking, our being is made up of four different “layers”: body, mind, spirit and soul. Think of these four layers as different parts of a tree. The body represents the roots of the tree and the mind, spirit and soul represent all the layers above the root, leading to the very top of the tree. Many of us are so set on reaching the top of the tree that we tend to forget about the quality of its root, which is ultimately what allows us to climb to the top of the tree in the first place. In order for us to reach the top of the tree, its root must be strong enough to hold us up. The strength of the trees root represents the health of our body on both the physical and emotional level.

With this being said, even with a sick body, ascension leaves no-one out because ascension is our destiny that will always prevail! In many cases, sickness is what has led many to make a conscious choice to change their path, and therefore ascend! The universe has blessed us all with the freedom of choice. For those of you experiencing any diseases or illnesses (including myself), our freedom of choice is what brought each and every one of us to this point. The beauty of the freedom of choice is that it also gives us the power to change our paths and heal our bodies. From this perspective, sickness also has the power to lead us to ascension. It is all up to what we choose to do with it.

At this point you may be wondering, “What about those born with disabilities? Are they blocked from ascending?”. Ascension leaves no one out. We are all ONE! Although this may be difficult to understand, the souls of those born with a disability have chosen to come into a “disabled” body in order to gain a specific experience. This is not “good” or “bad” or “positive” or “negative”. This is simply an experience which also leads one to the path of spiritual ascension, only in a way that may be difficult for most of us to comprehend at the moment.

Always remember, ascension leaves NO ONE out because it is part of OUR destiny and WE ARE ALL ONE! May we all be blessed with the power to take any and all steps that will facilitate us in reaching our destiny!

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