The Language of Color

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The human body is a community of different frequencies. There is a map of the human body that has existed for thousands of years. It breaks the human body down to seven major energy centers called chakras. Each chakra is associated with a different part of the body. Each chakra is also associated with a different color based on the frequency that part of your body operates on. Your body is a map of color. Color affects your emotions and your thoughts. It can even tell you what foods are necessary at a specific point in time to physically and energetically rebalance yourself. Additionally, when I refer to food, I am referring to natural food that has not been created or altered by man. Ultimately, food is your medicine, and color is your guide.

Red vibrates at the same frequency of emotions such as hunger, anger, stress, and aggression. It is the most important chakra to keep balanced because it is the foundation of all your higher chakras. On the physical realm, red corresponds to your hips and specifically your legs, which connect your body to the earth. It is the color that connects you closer to the physical realm rather than the spiritual realm. It is a grounding color. An imbalance of your red chakra can cause bowel disorders, urinary problems, and many other muscular issues associated with the hips and legs. If you are experiencing such issues, simply eat foods that are red: tomatoes, straw- berries, and red apples. By surrounding yourself and consuming the frequencies of earth matter that correlate to the red frequency, you, in turn, will inherit that frequency and rebalance your imbalance.

Orange vibrates at the same frequency of feelings such as creativity, ambition, sexual energy, and addictive behavior. It is a color filled with passion and emotional expression. On the physical realm, orange corresponds to the reproductive organs. If you are experiencing a lack of sexual energy, start surrounding yourself with orange frequencies. Eat carrots and oranges. These foods will surely rebalance your sexual energy to a healthy state.

Yellow vibrates at the same frequency of emotions such as positivity, power, inspiration, and intelligence. On the physical realm, yellow corresponds to the spleen and the stomach. It relates directly to digestion. If you suffer from depression or even poor digestion, start spending more time outside in the yellow sun. Eat a mango. Eat a banana. Eat a pineapple. You will soon see that your depression will dissipate as you inherit healthy forms of the yellow frequency from the natural world.

Green vibrates at the same frequency of feelings such as love, compassion, healing, and giving. On the physical level, green corresponds to your heart and lungs. If you are going through a heartbreak, surround your- self with green. Walk around a luscious gar- den. Eat a kiwi or a green apple. Embrace and inherit a balanced green frequency.

Blue vibrates at the same frequency of feelings such as communication, truth, and balance. On the physical realm, blue corresponds to your throat and your thyroid. If you experience trouble expressing yourself, spend more time sitting by the ocean. Eat blueberries. Visualize a clear blue sky in your mind’s eye, and allow the healthy frequencies of blue to rebalance your system.

Indigo vibrates at the same frequency of feelings such as deep thought, intuition, and sensitivity. On the physical realm, indigo corresponds to the pituitary gland. If you are trying to focus or attain a higher level of intuition, eat indigo foods, such as blackberries or plums. Visualize the color in your mind, and see how it affects you.

Violet vibrates at the same frequency of feeling such as high spiritual attainment and self-actualization. On the physical realm, violet corresponds to the pineal gland. If you are in search of attaining a higher level of spirituality, consume foods, such as beets and figs. Doing so will allow you to inherit the highest frequencies in the spectrum of vibration.”

Now that you know what each color translates to, you can use color as your guide. And what better way to do it other than using food? After all, you are what you eat! Color is your best teacher. If you are experiencing thyroid issues, eat blueberries. If you are experiencing issues with your breath, eat artichoke or asparagus. If you are suffering from addiction of any sort, eat carrots! If you are experiencing digestive issues, eat a banana! You get the idea. The more you learn about which color corresponds to each part of the body, the more intuitive eating healthy will be. You no longer have to be at the mercy of what one doctor says over another or what one study concludes over another. Opinions change. Frequencies do not. All you have to do is pay attention to the colors around you. Use color to your benefit! It talks to you every day. Now that you know its language, all you have to do is LISTEN!

Read "FORMING THE FORMLESS" for more in-depth information regarding the connection between color, food and much more!


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