The Eternal Law of Conservation

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Energy knows no beginning or end. No birth or death. No creation or destruction. Transformation is all that exists on the energetic level of the universe. It may be a difficult concept to understand at first because we are programmed to think in the terms our minds can comprehend. Beginning, end, birth, death, creation, destruction, good and bad. Limited terms. Try to think of something with no beginning or end. A circle. Where does it begin? Where does it end? The answer is nowhere. This is exactly how everything in the universe works. It is difficult to disassociate your mind from the terms that society has instilled within you, but nevertheless it is possible.

Let’s take a piece of paper to represent this idea. Now in your hand exists a piece of paper and a scissor. With only the use of the scissor, can you make the paper disappear? No matter how many times you want to cut the piece of paper, you will never make it disappear. You may cut it into a million little pieces, but making it disappear is not a possibility. This is because energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed. This is the law of conservation. Now let’s add fire into the equation. Instead of cutting the piece of paper, this time light it on fire. What happens? ‘It disappeared!’, you might think. This is an illusion. It transformed into heat and ash which are simply other forms of energy. The paper did not disappear. It transformed!

Next time you sit down around a bonfire, focus on what is truly happening in front of you. The energy that we call fire is not destroying the wood. It is simply transforming it to heat, ash, and smoke, and the transformation continues. Fire is not a destructive force. It is a transformational force. The law of conservation exists all around us at all times. It pertains to absolutely everything. Let your thoughts be guided by the law of conservation. Doing so will help you dissolve illusions that limit your perceived potential in life. Dissolve these illusions and you resort back to your true self. A being with no beginning or end, bound by neither birth nor death. A being of limitless potential. A being of limitless power.

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