What is a Leader?

What is a leader? Well, if you look up the definition, it will tell you that “a leader is a person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country”. I don’t like this definition very much because it focuses only on the “doing” state of a leader and disregards the “being” state of a leader. It’s time we re-define what being a “leader” really means because it is SO MUCH more than its dictionary definition!

Leading has nothing to do with how many followers one has, rather how many leaders one can create. In order for us to reach our collective destiny, we must step up with courage and lead by example. We must embody the frequency and resonance that we would like to see in the collective. Why? Because each and every one of us, individually, make up the collective! The change starts with YOU.

YOU have the courage to step up.

YOU have the will to always move forward.

YOU have the power to change the entire world.

My intention behind everything that I’ve ever shared and will ever share is to help you realize the leader within YOU. To help you embody the limitless potential that YOU hold. To help you see the Divine being that YOU are! We are all leaders in our own way.

The quantity of your impact is irrelevant if there is no quality to that impact. Focus on the quality of the vibration which you emit. Whether you are impacting your significant other, your entire family, your town, your city, your nation, or even the entire planet… YOU ARE A LEADER!

So, what is a leader? A leader is one who reflects what they want to see in the world. A leader is one who stands up for the truth, regardless of the resistance that they may face. A leader is one practices what they preach. A leader is one who acts through selflessness, for the Greater Good. A leader is one who creates more leaders!

Today, I ask you all to do one very simple task. Go look directly into your own eyes through a mirror in complete silence. Stay silent. Breathe. You will see the leader that has always been inside of you waiting to break free! Once you do, show that part of you love, dissolve its cage of fear, and let it guide you.

Light, Peace & Love,

Jason :)

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