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Experience a fully curated schedule filled with expansive lectures, workshops, meditations and reflection. 

Get ready to step into your highest timeline and experience ABUNDANCE on every level!

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Day One

Arrival, Check-in, Sound Meditation, Orientation / Ice-Breakers, Dinner, Speech


1PM-4PM: Arrival and check-in. Get settled in your space and come down to meet the group in the main area! Connect with the family you'll be spending the weekend TRANSFORMING with!

4PM-5PM: A beautiful sound meditation with the entire group where we'll be setting the intention of grounding in to the space for the duration of the event.

5PM-6PM: Main orientation and ice-breakers. Let's get to know each other and our reasons for wanting to become the greatest version of ourselves!

6PM-8PM: Dinner with our new family. We'll get to know each other on a deeper level over a nourishing meal to replenish our energy after travelling.

8PM-9PM: Preparation Speech led by Jason, focused on intention setting, practices before bed, the transformations we’re all about to undergo and how we can reap the greatest benefit from the weekend seminar!

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Day Two

Diving Deep.

Understanding Your Reality, Mapping Your Mind’s Program, Facing Your Triggers, Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs, and Facing Your Hardships

8AM-8:30AM: Morning meditation. We'll gather in the main area to settle in and enjoy a guided meditation to set the tone and energy for the day. 

8:30AM-9:15AM: Breakfast

9:30AM-10AM: Welcome address to set the tone for the day, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection and personal growth while also being interactive with the audience throughout it.

10AM-12:30PM: Jason will be giving an in-depth lesson on REALITY.  What is is, how it works, and our involvement in creating it from the level of thought, to speech and to action. This includes an interactive activity where we'll learn about Reprogramming the Mind.

12:30PM-1:30PM: Re-energize with nourishing lunch and reflection.

1:30PM-1:45PM: Group meditation to come back into presence and dive right back into the work.

1:45PM-4:30PM: Lesson on Foundational Laws. This will clearly show how nothing happens TO you, rather FOR you. This lesson will include three interactive activities:

  1. From Illusion to Reality (MY HARDSHIPS)

  2. The Magnifying Glass (MY TRIGGERS)

  3. Becoming Limitless (MY LIMITATIONS)

4:45PM-5PM: Closing remarks, reflection, and gratitude for the lessons today.

5PM-6PM: Interactive Q&A with Jason.

6PM-6:30PM: Closing meditation with the group to integrate our growth today.

7PM-8PM: Dinner and connection with our new friends and family. 

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Day Three

Learning the Art of Alchemy, Turning Darkness into Light, Become the Conscious Director of Your Life, Stepping into Your Power, Becoming FREE

Breaking Free.

8AM-8:30AM: Morning meditation. We'll gather in the main area to settle in and enjoy a guided meditation to set the intention for the last day together.

8:30AM-9:15AM: Breakfast

9:30AM-10AM: Opening message from Jason to set the tone for the day. We'll discuss the importance of truly WANTING to transform and finally become the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming, RIGHT NOW.

10AM-12:30PM: Lesson on Manifestation through both the internal and external environment, the language of energy, true alchemy, and the power of inverting situations into seeing their TRUE potential as opposed to the illusion of what they seem to be from the surface. 

12:30PM-1:30PM: Lunch Break and reflection on how we're shifting individually.

1:30PM-1:45PM: Meditation to come back into presence and dive right back into the work.

1:45PM-4:30PM: Lesson on AWARENESS and the Foundational Laws of the Universe and how they can be applied in our daily lives. 

4:30-5PM: Preparation for the Closing Ceremony.

5PM-6PM: Closing Ceremony:  How to anchor your highest potential into a physical movement that can be accessed when you need it.

6PM-7PM: Public reflections, interactive sharing and Q&A.

7PM-7:30PM: Closing meditation with our new family.

7:30-8PM: Closing remarks from Jason, our final send-off with an emphasis on stepping into our first day of the rest of our lives!

8PM-9PM: Final dinner together & departures.

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