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Jason Shurka was born into a business and real estate family. After a dark night of the soul that concluded in 23 shoulder dislocations, 3 surgeries, almost needing a mechanical shoulder, and nearly having his leg amputated, he rose like a phoenix from the ashes and made a significant life change by following the Fundamental Laws of Creation. He has dedicated his mission to unifying and awakening humanity to higher truth. 

Jason is now a world renowned Author of five books, Producer, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Leader, Truth-Seeker, and the Founder of UNIFYD TV and UNIFYD Healing. UNIFYD World Inc. is responsible for helping wake up millions around the world to their true power through conscious media and leading-edge technologies that promote health and wellness. You can see Jason featured on many news outlets, including NBC, Washington Times, The Daily Journal, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, MSN, and many others spreading his message that educates, elevates, and inspires far and wide.

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